Clematis Blossom

By: amy b.

May 30 2008


Category: flowers, neighborhood, photography, spring


Focal Length:81.1mm
Shutter:1/0 sec


2 comments on “Clematis Blossom”

  1. That’s gorgeous. I’ve got some clematis on my back fence – hopefully it will be blooming soon.

  2. … Great grin gglow, O glow,’ ti l grizzled I grow , humming Brightly bring bliss back before boredom burns me black my morn muse minding merry mountains moudled rock Tantalizes thoughtless thought thing Lulling longing , life with you, my love, lives each day whispering wind warmly wheeze words o’ awe, Ifeel forever ,firm beaty you own,as always will be beateous blossom bed o’boredomstays atbay dearest Darling, don’t dare dry honeyed aroma tempest thorns o’ thunders though sure to us they throw yet you -yodelled youth o’ yoreto death not to sow and Angels adore you-clematiccirrosha let love o’ mine , for you,flow in the darkest night Heart diamond, o’thine, how preciousis your light.

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